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Pens and pencils, a toothbrush, a quilt … ordinary items we take for granted become treasures in the hands of their recipients. The items you send will be cherished and used by people who take nothing for granted, for whom even a simple bar of new soap is special.

Your gifts of time and resources are beautiful expressions of God’s love and grace to those in greatest need. Thank you for your partnership in putting them together.
Personal Care Kits
LWR health care kit
When LWR distributes Personal Care Kits, it’s often to people who have lost everything. In the wake of an earthquake, or having fled from violence as their homes were overtaken, they clasp a towel from a faraway place, with a bar of soap, a toothbrush…and washing up, they know that they have not been forsaken by the world.


The very simple gesture of giving a Personal Care Kit can give someone the encouragement to start anew, starting with a bath. You can share God’s grace and love by providing that simple comfort.

One light-weight bath-size towel (20” X 40” to 52” X 27”), dark color
•Two bath-size bars (4 to 5 oz.) of soap, any brand, in original wrapping
One adult-size toothbrush in its original packaging*
One sturdy comb (no picks or finetoothed combs); remove packaging
One metal nail clippers (attached file optional); remove packaging
*Toothbrush multi-packs may be used by sealing an individual toothbrush in a business-size envelope; no plastic bags or wrap.
Wrap items in the towel and tie securely with ribbons or yarn.

Sewing Kits

 Sewing kit

Teach a person to sew and you’ve given them tools they can use to earn an income, support their family, and break out of poverty. Many of the thousands of Fabric Kits Lutheran World Relief distributes are used in vocational training programs to teach young men and women useful and marketable sewing skills.

What to Include

Two spools of neutral-colored, general purpose thread, 250-300 yards each

Two pieces of cotton or cotton-blend

fabric (no knits or 100% polyester).

Each piece should match one of the sizes below:

  • 2¼ yards of 60″ wide fabric, or
  • 3 yards of 44″ wide fabric, or
  • 4 yards of 36″ wide fabric
Wrap sewing notions inside of fabric and tie with string, yard or strip of fabric.

NEW: Give Half a Kit! 1 piece of material, 1 spool of thread

(please label “1/2 Kit”)
Click here to see where kits are distributed in the world.

Click here to see where kits are distributed in the

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