listen tune in LEADThe Tune In Process
Listening Team
Have you heard these words spoken around the church? It’s a new team that’s been formed at Lord of Life to take on a yearlong task of prayerful discernment.
Members of this team are: Becky Havill, Gayle LeBon, Susan Ruch, Lori Lively, Pam Dube, Kurt Roberts, Chris Rose, and Jim Meszaros. 
What will this team be doing?
Here is what the LEAD organization (birthed from the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod Assembly decision in 2012 to focus on leadership development) writes as a description of the Tune In Process:
~Calling people of faith into the neighborhood and world.
~The Tune In Process is an eight-step program undertaken by a congregation to listen to God in scripture and prayer, in the congregation,
and out in the neighborhood. A Listening Team guides the process which includes periods of active listening followed by reflection.
~Regardless of size or geographic context, congregations can utilize the plan to breathe new life into their ministries and deepen their connection to the neighborhood as they follow the Holy Spirit’s call.
If you are a visual learner, here’s another way to describe the process: Imagine a three-legged stool as the three parts of the listening process. One leg is for listening to God through scripture, prayer and intentional Bible study. Another leg is for listening in our congregation to discover our assets and resources for partnering with God. The third leg is for listening to the needs, hopes and dreams of the neighborhood and community. We hope to discover and partner with others in God’s mission field. Each leg takes work and time to listen to God’s purpose and vision for us as God’s children. Each leg is needed in order to understand that purpose and vision.
So what’s happening now?
As of July, the team has met twice to get to know one another and begin the work of discussing and practicing what it means to listen. Next
month we will begin our bible study work. What’s next? We aren’t quite sure. We have guiding materials from LEAD, a coach to steer us along the way, and a great trust in the Holy Spirit to lead us as we listen. We will keep the congregation posted on the progress and process as we learn what this all means and what this looks like for Lord of Life. What we are asking of you right now is to hold our team in your prayers.
If you would like to learn more about LEAD’s birth, vision, purpose, dreams and programs please go to 
January 2017 UPDATE
You can find many ways to help in this document as described Sunday:
From the Church Council:
During the 2015 Leadership Retreat we set a goal to improve LOL’s hands-on local outreach, and in part to assess where we were and the priorities of the congregation, the Listening Team was established. The Team has completed the first phase of the process – listening to the congregation – and is now in the process of listening to the community.
Thanks to all who participated. Please take a moment to look at your responses.
We believe this process will inform church leadership in a very meaningful way as we review existing programs and set new efforts into motion.
From the Listening Team:
Over a three month period, eight members of the Listening Team posed four questions to members of Lord of Life and listened deeply to the answers given. Over 150 members participated, through various small groups and committee meetings, in an open forum held in the conference room during services on February 21st and through an electronic link provided through Lord of Life weekly emails. Data was compiled and analyzed to study trends as well as specific outliers.
The four questions asked of members were:
1. If Lord of Life disappeared tomorrow, what would the community miss?
2. What does Lord of Life have to offer the community?
3. What are the biggest needs in the community that Lord of Life could meet?
4. What are you personally passionate about that would make a difference in the community?
Our report to council of this initial phase is available now.
FAQ about the Listening Process

On the weekend of August 29 & 30th this team was commissioned for the work ahead.  The aftermath of this public prayer and blessing was wonderful.  You, Lord of Lifers, have excitement and wonder about this particular team and its process.   For that we are grateful!  Here are our thoughts regarding some of the questions that we heard.

Is this a team for people to express concerns or complaints? 

No.  The proper place for complaints is to go directly to the person that you have an issue with, visit with a Pastor or put your complaint in the suggestion box outside the church office (or via the website). 

This team will be asking for your input on the broader mission and vision for Lord of Life and God’s people in our neighborhood.

Will we, as a church, actually act on what you hear? 

We are a not a group that has a specific goal or plan in mind as an outcome or product from our listening.  What we do know is that whatever happens in the end will not necessarily result in butts in the pews or money in the bank.  Increased attendance or revenue is not our intentional work.  It may happen as a result when people discover that our mission and vision is being lived out in new God-filled ways. 

What we know is that our work and those involved in the process will be changed as they deepen their relationship with God and others. 

I’m really excited about this process! 

Great!  Thanks!  We are too, even in the midst of our own wonder and curiosity about the process.  We are still in the progression of studying the book of Acts and listening to the Holy Spirit’s scriptural wisdom.  Please continue to pray for our listening team and its work. 

I’ve not heard anything about this, what’s this all about?

Ultimately we are about that statement on the wall when you first walk in the doors at Lord of Life.  Our mission statement:  Growing together in faith. Centered in Christ.  Serving God’s world with love.  This listening process is a way to flesh out this statement in a practical way throughout our community. 

This is not going to be a quick process and we don’t have a definite time line for completion.  But we do have work to do in prayerful listening along the way.  We invite you to look back at previous communications here on our website for more information and further updates on this work of listening.