“Thank you” for your faithfulness.  During the Congregational Meeting on January 29th, we learned that we are on schedule for the planned Welcome Center and Fellowship Hall renovations.  Architectural and construction plans are being finalized and campaign pledges are being honored.  As of December, 2016, honored pledges totaled $441,000.  After setting aside funds for the tithe and campaign expenses, this means we have about $350,000 available for construction.  It is important that we continue at this pace if we are to reach the $600,000 necessary to fund the projects.  In order to minimize disruption to church life and Kids of the Kingdom the construction must be scheduled during the summer months which explains our desire to reach this goal for a construction start date of  June 1st.  If  you have made a pledge but not yet honored it, please do so as soon as possible.  If you have not made a pledge to the Welcome One Another campaign, we invite you to do so!  Just go to http://lolonline.org/capital-campaign-how-to-give/.

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  • Yes !!!  It’s really going to happen !!!  After months of planning, reviewing and fundraising, Lord of Life will be breaking ground Sunday, June 4th, on the new Welcome Center and bathroom remodel.  This is possible thanks to the many of you who have faithfully honored your campaign pledges.  This is the good news.

    The challenging news, however, is that the cost estimates have ended up being higher than previously expected.  Isn’t that true for all remodels?  So, while we expect to have sufficient funds by June 4th to cover the Welcome Center and bathroom remodel, we do not expect to have enough money in hand to include the Fellowship Hall remodel unless donations increase.   What this means is that the Fellowship Hall remodel will have to wait until Summer, 2018 so as not to disturb the Kids of the Kingdom school year.  We still have time, though. If you have made a pledge but not yet honored it, please do so as soon as possible. If you are able to fast forward you donations, it will be appreciated. If you have not made a pledge to the Welcome One Another campaign, we encourage you to do so!  Just go to http://lolonline.org/capital-campaign-how-to-give/

The Welcome One Another Building Team includes:
Jackie Gardiner (Council President)
Larry Gaskamp (Property Committee Representative)
Craig Bourgeois (Finance Committee Representative)
Susan Gallup
David Harris
James Barron
Lyle Bates
Keith Hitchcock
Monique Raymond
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