Flowers are indeed an enhancement to our worship space.  Their significance is evident when we celebrate blessed occasions such as marriages and anniversaries and births.  A flower’s beauty and scent comforts us as we mourn and remember loved ones who have died. For centuries, flowers have held a significant role in the house of God. And I believe we can all agree that weekly floral arrangements offer much to our worship settings here at Lord of Life.

The Worship and the Arts Committee, and the entire worshiping community of LOL, greatly appreciate those individuals and families who have signed up to provide flowers for our worship services.

Please submit your request below to order flowers via email. Please indicate your name, your telephone number, the date you’d like the floral arrangements to appear and the reason for your celebration. 
Please note there are no flowers on the altar during Lent and Advent.

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Worship and the Arts Committee has requested that flowers be paid for prior to the church office ordering the arrangements.

The general arrangement cost is $60.00 and should be made two weeks prior to ordering.

Payments may be hand-delivered or mailed to the church office Monday through Friday.

An envelope may also be placed in the Sunday morning offering plate. 

Please be sure the giver’s name and the words “for flowers” is written on the memo line of each check.