New Congregation Council Members elected to three-year terms at the 2021 Annual Meeting: 
Jim Card
Joe Cox
Linda Nicolosi
Ethan Reinhardt
Neal Stockham
Five-month budget has been approved.
Sunday, Jan. 24 at 1pm. 
Limited seating. Virtual attendance recommended. 
Meeting ID: 861 5480 9645, Passcode: 039983 OR CALL +13462487799,,86154809645# US (Houston)
If calling from outside Houston, find your local call-in number here.


January 13, 2020

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Our letter of December 1 advised that a Congregation Meeting was scheduled on Jan 24, 2021, after the late service, beginning around 1 PM.  The actual start time may be a bit later to allow for proper sanitization after the 11:20 service. Please see the agenda, approved by Council on Jan 12, 2021. 


The Congregation Council has discussed local COVID trends and considered how other churches were running similar meetings.  We decided that the Jan 24 meeting will be a hybrid.  It will be in-person for those who do not have reliable Internet service or are uncomfortable with virtual meeting technology, and virtual via Zoom for all others. 


The church building’s set-up requires us to run a Zoom meeting from the Fellowship Hall.  We cannot broadcast it into the sanctuary; therefore in-person attendance is limited to about 25-30 people including any presenters, while observing the established safety protocols: answer health questions, temperature check, wearing masks, using hand sanitizer and distancing.  In addition, we will livestream the meeting using the Zoom platform.  Login instructions are at the bottom of the agenda.


We encourage all who are comfortable with the technology to attend virtually.  Even anyone presenting can do so from their computer or “smart device.”   


Our Constitution states that election of Congregation Council members requires a written vote. Approval of the Jan 26, 2020 meeting minutes, the recommended Bylaw change, the operating budget, and selection of Synod Assembly delegates may be by voice vote (i.e., acclamation). 


Council Election For those attending in-person, the ballot will be given to you. These will be collected during the meeting, but the results won’t be announced.  Zoom attendees should download / print the blank Council ballot that follows and use the instructions on it. Bring your completed ballot to the church until 6 PM on Jan 24, 2021, or between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM on Jan 25, 2021. No votes will be accepted after 4:00 PM on Jan 25.  A Council member will be near the main entrance to collect your votes and also will have blank ballots if you were unable to download one.  We will count all ballots on Jan 26, 2021 and post the results at the Lord of Life website (  


Our Constitution and Bylaws allow voice votes for the other items noted on the agenda.  We will ask in-person attendees to vote by voice “Aye,” “No” or “Abstain.” but we will not state those results until virtual attendees also vote.  For virtual attendees, we will use Zoom’s polling function that records votes anonymously.  Since we will know how many are logged in, we first will ask for “Aye” votes, and determine if the total is a majority.  If combined virtual and in-person votes represent a simple majority, the motion carries. If there is any uncertainty about the majority, we will revert to a written ballot vote.  This ballot also follows the agenda.


Attendees may have questions, wish to make or second a motion or state their support or dissent on a motion.  For those in the Fellowship Hall, we will have a sanitized “roving microphone.”  Please use hand sanitizer, take the microphone state your message, return the microphone, then use hand sanitizer again. The microphone will be sanitized again before the next speaker, and the process will repeat for each speaker.  For those attending virtually, please use the “Chat” function to get the meeting host’s attention.  You then will have the opportunity to speak.


We know this sounds like a complicated procedure, but it’s the result of a great deal of discussion, consideration and most importantly concern for the safety of all involved.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or or any Church Council & Officers.  

Yours in Christ,

Chuck Hoffheiser

President, Congregational Council
Congregation Meeting Agenda – January 24, 2021 – 1 pm
  • Lord of Life’s Vision and Mission and Opening Prayer
  • Welcome to / Greeting from Interim Senior Pastor John Van Haneghan
  • Approve Jan 26, 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes (Voice Vote)
  • Elect New Council Members (Written Vote)
  • Vote on proposed Bylaw Change Establishing 2 Congregation Meetings Each Year (Voice Vote)
  • Financial Updates and 2021 Operational Budget Vote
    • 2020 Actual vs Budget
    • 2021 Operating Budget Discussion and Vote (Voice Vote)
    • Auditor Review of 2019 Financial Statements
    • Endowment Funds Update
  • Updates from Hands of Faith, Kids of the Kingdom
  • Selection of Representatives to 2021 Synod Assembly (Voice Vote)
  • Recognize Outgoing Council Members
  • New Council Members Announced on January 26, 2021
  • Sending Prayer
  • Adjourn

Council Nominees

Click their name to learn more about them.
Nominations may also be made from the floor. Neal Stockham was nominated from the floor 1/24/21.
Outgoing Council members:
Chuck Hoffheiser Council President
Ben Kessler Council Vice President & Long Range Planning Committee
Glenda Collins Personnel Committee
Greg Dolfi Mutual Ministry – Chair

Votes or Motions (Yes, No, or Abstain)

Approve Minutes of Jan 26, 2020 Congregation Meeting 
Approve the Proposed Bylaw Change 
Approve the Proposed 2021 Operating Budget
Delegates to the 2021 Synod Assembly


Bring (or pick up)  your completed ballot to the church until 6 PM on Jan 24, 2021, or between the hours of 10 AM and 4 PM on Jan 25, 2021. No votes will be accepted after 4:00 PM on Jan 25.  A Council member will be near the main entrance to collect your votes and also will have blank ballots if you were unable to download one.