Read Exodus 19:1-25 (1-6, 16-19)
Meeting God
Who went up to meet God first?
God tells Moses to remind Israel of the great acts God did on their behalf.
What kinds of great acts has God done on their behalf? On your behalf?
God asks Israel to obey God ad keep God’s covenant then Israel will be a treasured possession and a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Know that you are a treasured possession of God.
What does that mean to you?
To us as a community of Christians?
How can we be priests and holy in our world today?
After the people were prepared, Moses led the people to meet with God. There was thunder and lightning, a thick cloud and a trumpet blast.
How do you think the people felt as they approach the mountain covered with smoke as it shook like an earthquake and the trumpet got louder?
What is it like for you to meet with God?
What preparations do you make?
What expectations do you have for meeting God?
What might you say to God?
What might God say to you?
Labyrinths – a way to pray, to reflect, to meet with God. Not a maze – one path to the center and return outward. A journey
Stage one – Toward the center – you may have a question of discernment, a concern or a joy, something to release or leave behind, pray as you move toward the center
Stage two – Resting in the center – listen for God, open your heart and mind to God, God’s presence, God’s Spirit
Stage three – return from the center – reflect on what you experienced, aware of God’s conversation with you, give thanks for what you let go and what you received
Outdoor Labyrinth at Lord of Life- From the parking lot, go right, behind the building. There is a sidewalk and a sign with directions. The labyrinth is in the trees between the church and the lake/park next door.
Finger Labyrinths – paper, fabric arts, legos, foil and paper plate (see photos below for examples
As you walk with your finger:
  1. How does it feel to go on a journey? What do you need? How can life be like a journey?

Who journeys with you? Who do you journey with? Does God journey with you? How?

  1. Stage one – What distracts me from meeting God? How do I prepare to meet with God?

Stage two – God is here. Share what is on your heart with God. Listen for God’s voice. Receive God’s love and grace.

Stage three – What has God given you in your meeting? How will you share that with the world you re-enter? Watch for God everywhere you journey this week.

  1. Reflecting on the Exodus story
Stage one – What has God done for you? How are you preparing to meet God here?
Stage two – What do experience as you meet with God? Use of the 5 senses. What blessing do you receive from God?
Stage three – How will what you received from God sustain you on your continuing journey through the wilderness? How will you impact God’s world with your blessing?