New Worship Times

Dear Lord of Life Members and Friends,

Last year, through the thoughtful planning and hard work of leadership and staff at Lord of Life, a worship and faith formation schedule was crafted to respond to the COVID pandemic. It met the needs of the time well, and well-deserved thanks is to be given to staff and members who implemented the procedures and routines that were necessary. If you remember, once vaccinations were prevalent, we were able to curtail the procedures and restrictions that were put in place.  This also occasioned discussion on our current worship and faith formation schedule going forward.

There was an initial discussion of returning to the pre-COVID schedule with three worship services and an overlapping faith formation (Sunday School) hour. However, a variety of concerns were brought forth (lack of adequate Adult Faith Formation opportunities, limited time for musical preparations, staff being spread very thin or being unavailable, and others) that led to general agreement that this arrangement did not best facilitate our mission and vision.

With this in mind, discussions were undertaken between staff, key leadership, and finally a wider group of folks who were representative of the worshipping community at Lord of Life. Thank you to all who contributed to this timely discussion.

What came out of those discussions, was the following schedule for the “Sunday Morning Experience” (which consists of worship, faith formation, and fellowship):

 8:30 am Liturgical Worship: Lutheran liturgy and music including organ and our musicians, similar to our existing 8am worship. Includes prayer, hymns, scripture, sermon, and Holy Communion

 9:45 Faith formation: A time for education for all ages, with expanded adult offerings. Fellowship will also be available in the Welcome Center during this time. Watch our weekly Happenings email for more information on upcoming adult classes.

11:00 am Informal Worship: If you enjoyed the former 9:45 style of worship, come at 11! Informal Lutheran worship with format and musical offerings similar to our former 9:45am worship. Includes prayer, hymns, scripture, sermon, and Holy Communion.

All services will continue to be streamed online for those who wish to participate virtually.

This new Sunday Schedule Began August 15, with a new year of Faith Formation for all ages.

We are aware that this may not be the final schedule on Sundays and are implementing this new way of gathering as  we come through this pandemic.

When we begin our new experience, we look forward to your presence, welcome your feedback, and appreciate your prayers as we go forward toward our vision “that all have life through the love of Christ.”

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PJ’s Corner


I’m thinking it’s important to start this Lenten rhythm by understanding what Lent is all about by looking at its evolution and our heritage.

  • Lent in its earliest form was a period of fasting and prayer for 40 hours (the approximate time our Lord spent in the tomb between Good Friday and the early hours of Easter Sunday). 
  • Eventually Lent was expanded to a season of 40 days (to correspond to our Lord’s 40 days of fasting and temptation in the wilderness). 
  • During the 40 days candidates who wished to be baptized on Easter were prepared for the Sacrament.  Those who had lapsed from the faith and wanted to return to the church were prepared for reconciliation and Holy Communion on Maundy Thursday.

Times have changed and the season of Lent has become an opportunity for the whole Christian community to renew and deepen their personal relationship with the Lord through the faith practices of prayer, fasting and care for the poor (Matthew 6).   These are the aspects of discipleship we focus on in this 40 day journey.  But ultimately Lent is about the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, “God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.” (John 3:17).  Lent’s simple message is that God’s infinite mercy is available to us as we turn to God and ask for forgiveness and the means to lead a changed life. 

Now that’s all very “churchy” but very real in our lives and our relationship with God and others. 

I found this great article a couple of years ago in The Lutheran magazine by David Miller.  He dives into the movement for death into new life which we all experience on a daily basis.  David talks about rejoicing in each day that the Lord has given as a chance at a new beginning.  Take a look

What might it look like for you and I to walk in the paschal mystery of Christ – the daily death and resurrection? 

As I look ahead I’d love to hear from you……

As you grew up in your family – was Lent a journey that you participated in as a family?  If so, what do you remember about this season?  Why was the Lenten journey important to your family? 

As you have grown and possibly matured in your faith, what have you learned about yourself from your discipleship practices over the years?