The RIC Core Team is looking to have one-to-one conversations with as many members of the Lord of Life Community as possible. That means, if you are reading this we want to talk to you! Each conversation will last 30-45 minutes and will offer you the opportunity to reflect on your experiences of and hopes for Lord of Life’s Core Value to Welcome All. The Core Team is entering these conversations without a bias and hopes to listen to your story rather than to inform, teach, or convince you of something.
Please sign up using the form below and a member of the Core Team will contact you to schedule a conversation. Thank you in advance for your willingness to engage in this process!

One-to-One Conversation Sign Ups

Meet Your Core Team Members

Martin Converse Co-Chair
Rich Kreitz Co-Chair
Mark Fincher
Shari Guttormson
Natalie Harvey
JJ Minarcik
Neal Stockham
Pastor David Bauser
Pastor Cassandra Nagle
Reconciling in Christ Core Team
Explanation & Expectations

What is a Reconciling in Christ Core Team?

The Core Team is a group of passionate and dedicated members who lead Lord of Life through a welcoming journey.  The Core Team generally consists of 5-10 people.

This Core Team will explore the Reconciling in Christ Process and lead Lord of Life in collective education, prayer, and discernment about what it means and looks like to be a faith community that Welcomes All.  The Team will work together to design and shepherd the RIC Journey while inviting participation from the entire Lord of Life community.

Who will serve on the Core Team?

The Core Team will consist of Lord of Life members who are interested in more deeply examining Lord of Life’s core value of Welcoming All especially to how it pertains to LOL’s desire to fully welcome and include the LGBTQIA+ community as well as people of color.

What are some of the items the Core Team will be addressing?

The work of the Core Team will cover a wide range of activities. Some of the work will likely include:

  • Providing forums, studies, and seminars for the congregation to encourage intentional discussion of our shared value, our theological foundations, and the RIC process.
  • Listening carefully to LOL members and providing one-on-one conversation as needed.
  • Visiting other area RIC congregations to learn from their experiences and bring back learnings and insights to share with LOL.
  • If LOL chooses to become RIC, the Core Team will finally be tasked with crafting a Welcome Statement that aligns with Reconciling Works’ requirements.

How long would Core team members be expected to serve?

The process will likely take 10-12 months.