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Our Response to God’s Love

Everything about us belongs to God.  When we give of our time, talent, and treasure for the sake of others, God rejoices.  Our generosity is an expression of our gratitude to God.  When we give, we grow in our faith and trust in God’s abundance.  Thank you for your generous gifts to Lord of Life!


At Lord of Life our Stewardship Team exists to help all of us use the gifts God has placed in our lives to further God’s ministries through our community. Want to know more? Click here.

Ways to Give:

Give directly from your bank account or credit card, use the Realm app or text “LOL $amount” to 73256.

Bill Pay or Donor-Advised Charitable Fund
Your bank’s Bill Pay option creates no fees for the church and allows your bank to send a check to Lord of Life directly from your account. Write your envelope number (if you have one) in the “account number” section and your designation (General Fund, Capital Campaign, etc.) on the memo line.  If you direct a donor-advised charitable fund to send a check to Lord of Life, be sure their accompanying letter specifies your name and designation for the contribution.

In Person

We take an offering at each worship gathering. If you want an envelope that has a number assigned to your name, contact the church financial director at 281-367-7016.


Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)

Individuals 70 ½ or older that are making a required minimum distribution (RMD) from an individual retirement account (IRA) can specify that all or part of it be given to the church as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD).  Talk to your IRA custodian about the process for making a QCD and potential tax benefits.

Gifts of Stock

There can be tax benefits from gifting appreciated stock to Lord of Life.  Contact the church financial director at 281-367-7016 before you initiate a transfer or sign your stock certificates.

Legacy Giving

You can make a legacy gift with a bequest in a will or with an IRA or life insurance beneficiary designation. If made through the Lord of Life Mission Endowment Funds, your contribution will support the church’s ministries long after your death using income and capital appreciation from Endowment Fund investments.

Thrivent Choice

Members who own Thrivent Financial products can contribute to the church with Thrivent Choice Dollars.

Where to Give:

General Fund

This is Lord of Life’s primary operating fund. The General Fund provides money for staff salaries, to pay the mortgage and utilities, and to support the ministries of Lord of Life in our local and global community.

Capital Fund

The Capital Fund supports  priorities established by a Capital Campaign, such as debt reduction and special facility and outreach projects.  The recently-completed “Welcome One Another” capital campaign raised over $1.5 million that was used to expand and renovate the church, pay down the mortgage, and support a variety of outreach ministries.


Mission Endowment Funds

With your contribution – either now or upon your death with a bequest or beneficiary designation – to one or more of three Endowment Funds, you leave a lasting legacy that supports Lord of Life’s mission in perpetuity using income and capital appreciation from fund investments.

Designated Giving

Through designated giving, you can support a specific ministry or need in Lord of Life.  The money is combined with other funds donated for a similar purpose and kept in a restricted account until used. One such ministry is the “Pastor’s Discretionary Fund”, which is money used by our pastors to meet the urgent financial needs of congregants and others in our community.  Other examples include local food pantries, Global Barnyard, Music, etc.  

Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest

If you wish to directly support the broader mission of the ELCA, Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest provides several options for contributing.

To request monthly giving/donation envelopes for personal checks or cancel your monthly subscription, please email us.

Questions? Call the Financial Office at 281-367-7016 or email us