You can reach staff by phone 281-367-7016 and dialing the extensions listed below. Office hours vary by position.
Pastor David Bauser, Lead Pastor 
Cassandra Nagle, Associate Pastor
Dan Fenn, Director of Worship and the Arts, ext. 106 EMAIL
Sarah Schlacks, Director – Bells of Life Handbell Choir
Jeremy Kelsey, Coordinator of Instrumental Music EMAIL
Jenny McKenna, Director of Outreach, ext. 108 EMAIL
Patrick Nazaroff, Director of Faith Formation, ext. 117 EMAIL
Nicole Forester, Director of Children’s Faith Formation, ext. 113 EMAIL
Rick Janacek, Office Manager, ext. 100, EMAIL
Brian Dawson, Financial Manager, ext. 101 EMAIL
Peggy Sloan, Director of Connecting Ministries, ext. 120 EMAIL
Marna Arlien, Communications Coordinator, EMAIL
Nicole Forester, Nursery Coordinator
Michelle McGuire, Kids of the Kingdom Preschool Director, ext. 119 EMAIL
Cory Frederick, Video/Sound Technicians
Sarah Lutz, Wedding and Funeral Coordinator, EMAIL
The Church Council serves as the board of directors for the church. 2023 Church Council