The people of our community and our congregation have many needs. We seek, as a congregation, a practical and powerful way to respond to Christ’s commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12 RSV).
You may have Spiritual Gifts that would be valuable in the ministries below.
You may be in need of care. If so, please let us know.
Hospital Visitation Ministry: Visit members who have been hospitalized. Contact Pastor David or 281-367-7016
Home Visitation, Rehab and Nursing Home visits: Arlyn Hausman
Prayer Needs: Barbara Kindsvatter
How Can We Pray for You Today? Submit a prayer request here
Companion Ministries/Stephens Ministry: Dennis Coburn
What is Stephen’s Minstries?
Are you struggling through a difficult time in life—experiencing grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or some other life crisis? We can help. Stephen Ministers are the “After People.” They are ready to come alongside you—or your friends, neighbors, coworkers, or relatives—and provide comfort and support for as long after as needed.
Prayers & Squares – Make a quilt and pray for those in need. To request a quilt or to volunteer your skills, contact Francine Atkinson, 281-367-4518
Care & Share: All Lord of Life members serve a geographical area based on their address. You may be called to provide caring services for people in our congregation with a designated need (funerals, new babies, illness, job loss) in your area. Contact the church office if you have a need or know someone who does. 281-367-7016
Love to cook or have some left-overs? We need your help.
Care Resources: Tana Blair
Visit the blog here
WHEN TO CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE (Church Office: 281-367-7016, Email:
The pastors and pastoral care team of Lord of Life are concerned with the lives of people. Unfortunately, the pastors are often times the last to know about major events in people’s lives because people forget to tell them. Whenever you need pastoral care…don’t hesitate to call, stop by or leave a note. Click here for some examples of when you may need pastoral care…