Congregational Meeting Update

Dear Lord of Life,
This past Sunday, we met as a congregation in a called meeting to carry out important business for the future of our community. Thank you all for your participation in the process and for your continued support of God’s ministries at Lord of Life. We cannot do this work without you!  We wanted to take just a moment to update you on the results of the meeting.
There were two items of business, both of which were approved by unanimous voice votes.
  • We approved a budget for fiscal year 2023-24 of $1,448,134 including the following items:
    • Anticipated increases in utility costs;
    • Moving the 11:00 am worship musicians from restricted spending to the budget;
    • Funding for a new full-time staff position, the Director of Faith Formation, who will lead adult faith formation ministries and supervise our existing faith formation staff.
  • We approved a motion to explore what it would mean for Lord of Life to become a Reconciling in Christ congregation including the following steps:
    • The council will appoint a “Core Team” to lead the process;
    • The process will include a variety of conversations and opportunities for input;
    • Finally, the team will bring a recommendation back to the congregation.

Several updates about future and ongoing plans were also shared with the congregation.

  • Director of Outreach Jenny McKenna introduced us to Lydia, the mom of one of the Ukrainian refugee families that we have been helping to resettle in the United States. Lydia’s moving story allowed us to see our values in action.
  • Pastor David shared how our mission, vision, and values drive our ministry together, along with a staffing model that will allow our ministries to grow and operate more efficiently.
  • Tim Donoughue from the Development Campaign Strategic Leadership Team shared that the first two HVAC units are scheduled to be replaced within the next few weeks.
  • Ed Spaulding, one of our Synod Assembly delegates, thanked the congregation profusely for the way in which you all showed up to volunteer and welcome in over 250 people from across our region of the ELCA for their annual assembly.
There is great energy and excitement in our congregation right now! We continually welcome new guests to our community, and our giving is growing and providing new opportunities for ministry. We have a dynamic staff that is being unleashed to carry out ministry in the world. We are so grateful to each of you for your continued support of the ministry that we are doing together as we pursue our vision of a world where “all have life through the love of Christ.”
With abiding hope in the resurrection,
Linda Nicolosi 
Council President 
David Bauser
Lead Pastor
Church office: 281-367-7016