Challenged and Blessed: Peter and Paul -Why keeping the rules doesn't quite cut it! Galatians 2

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Sermon Notes

challenged and blessed seriesCHALLENGED AND BLESSED

Paul’s Message to the Church

People today believe the truth of the gospel and the ministry of Christ are in jeopardy. The Apostle Paul took on these same challenges over 2000 years ago. Hear his message about Freedom and salvation in Jesus Christ. We’ll focus on Galations and Colossians in an 8-week sermon series.

Without the witness of Paul, Early Christianity would have died. He took it on the road, spreading a radical message of freedom and faith.

How are we that voice today? Hear Paul's direct and encouraging spiritual perspective every Sunday this summer. Learn how to live a life that reflects the transforming power of Christ.

Come join the conversation at Lord of Life as we are challenged and blessed by Paul’s message. Sermon Series June – July 2013.