Spam Emails


Dear Lord of Life,

We are aware that there are more attempts to scam our members by someone pretending to be me. The email/text message claims to be from “Pastor David” and generally asks you to respond in the same manner because there is a “confidential issue” I need to speak to you about.
Unfortunately, because the emails are “spoofs” (emails that pretend to be from someone they are not) there is very little we can do as a staff to prevent this. However, there are a few easy things you can remember to protect yourself:
1) If you ever have a question or concern about something you receive from the church, you can call the church office at 281-367-7016 or contact the staff/volunteer member directly. We will never communicate with you about money and refuse to talk to you in person about the same issue.
2) DOUBLE-CHECK THE EMAIL ADDRESS and not only the “name” that appears. Spoof emails are often some form of “pastor” + random numbers @gmail or other email providers (yahoo, hotmail, etc.). Whenever possible LoL staff will use our staff emails coming from If you see a different domain please contact the church or staff directly to confirm the information.
3) All the staff at Lord of Life have access to funds to make purchases in emergency situations. We will never ask you to purchase gift cards or process other funds by simply claiming an “emergency.”
Thank you all for your patience and continued faithfulness to God’s ministry at Lord of Life!


Pastor David